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A Message From Dick Weekley

I think you will find these recent national poll numbers regarding national health care policy informative. In a poll conducted August 14-18, by ClarusRG for the public policy group Common Good, researchers found:

· 83 percent of the nation's electorate want Congress to address reform of the medical malpractice system as part of any health care reform plan.

· 72 percent of voters think the fear of being sued often changes the way doctors deal with patients.

· 67 percent of voters favor special health courts deciding medical malpractice cases rather than the regular court system.

And in a stunning indictment of the American legal system:

· Only 43 percent of Americans have confidence that a lawsuit "without merit" that was filed against them would be resolved in their favor, and only 30 percent have confidence it would be resolved quickly and efficiently.

These findings comport with TLR’s most recent polls which show majority support in Texas for additional lawsuit reform in both political parties has increased since medical liability reforms were passed in 2003.

We know that trial lawyers will continue to attack the reforms we have helped to establish in Texas, but knowledge and support by advocates like you have helped make sure that their misinformation campaign is not effective.

Richard W. Weekley
Chairman and CEO

P.S. In case you missed it, you should also check out a recent Wall Street Journal article on tort reform in the national health care debate CLICK HERE.