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Mercury News, April 29, 2016

IRS and federal prosecutors have launched a criminal investigation into serial disability access plaintiff Scott Johnson, who has moved his lawsuit operation to the Bay Area in recent months, to determine whether he has paid taxes on his alleged millions of dollars in settlements, multiple sources told this newspaper.

Southeast Texas Record, April 28, 2016

A former Steve Mostyn client who sued the Houston attorney will keep the counsel that defended Mostyn when the client accused him of legal malpractice.

Corporate Counsel, April 29, 2016

So-called no-injury class actions, in which class members can’t show a clear-cut harm, primarily line the pockets of plaintiffs lawyers, according to a recent empirical study. As you’d expect, plaintiffs lawyers and defense lawyers have very different reactions to the study’s findings.

Institute for Legal Reform, April 28, 2016

As federal enforcers have logged increasingly large settlements during the past several years, a growing spotlight has been shone on what happens with settlement money.

Southeast Texas Record, April 28, 2016

NEW ORLEANS -- A new advertisement from a New Orleans law firm highlights a practice that some critics claim is eroding Louisiana’s already-tarnished judicial reputation.

Louisiana Record, April 26, 2016

NEW ORLEANS – A tort reform advocate says the Louisiana Supreme Court’s failure to reduce $457,000 in fees to a legal guardian for juvenile lead poisoning victims should be a concern to everyone.

Southeast Texas Record, April 18, 2016

Obama Care was touted as a way to make healthcare more affordable and accessible, but results have been mostly the opposite.

Southeast Texas Record, April 18, 2016

The birthplace of mass hailstorm litigation in Texas, Hidalgo County is now home to a cluster of “falling object” lawsuits, which respectively seek up to $1 million in damages for chipped floor tiles.

Forbes. April 19, 2016

The booming business of filing whistleblowing claims against government contractors came to the U.S. Supreme Court today as the justices debated exactly what constitutes fraud under the Civil War-era False Claims Act.

Wall Street Journal, April 15, 2016

When governments try to criminalize honest businesses, the good guys lose even when they win. Take the ordeal of Vascular Solutions, a Minnesota-based medical-devices company that recently won in court but is wondering how to undo the damage to its business and reputation.