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UPI - Oct. 2, 2006

Have insurance companies in Texas suddenly become less greedy? Last week Texas Medical Liability Trust, the state's largest provider of liability insurance to Texas physicians, announced a $48 million liability cost reduction. Coming on top of three earlier cuts, this is believed to be the largest single-year saving ever offered by a U.S. physician carrier. TMLT is not alone. In the last three years every major carrier in Texas has cut its rates, most by double-digits.

UPI - July 21, 2006

Critics of the bar are blasting the decision of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America to change its name to the American Association for Justice.

The Oklahoman Editorial - June 23, 2006

TO GRASP the importance of lawsuit reform, sometimes it’s useful to start with an anecdote and move to a conclusion.

The Wall Street Journal Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm now an official victim of the trial lawyers. So are my kids and the 800 members of our community pool that opened this summer without a high diving board.

The Legal Intelligencer Monday, June 12, 2006

In a bold and unprecedented move that could drastically alter the nature of asbestos litigation, a coalition of 47 companies last week asked a federal judge to dismiss tens of thousands of pending cases, alleging that the vast majority of them are premised on flawed or fraudulent medical diagnoses.

Wall Street Journal Saturday, June 10, 2006

As retreats go, few have matched the one now being conducted by promoters of the great silicosis and asbestos legal scam. Their flight was on full display this week in both Congress and a federal courtroom, with redolent details you couldn't make up.

Houston Chronicle, June 5, 2006

Contrary to the Chronicle's conclusion, lawsuit reform has been extremely good for Texas patients. Our most sick and injured patients can now more readily get the care they need, thanks to the passage of the 2003 reforms and the subsequent addition of 900 emergency medicine and high-risk specialists. Our emergency rooms are better staffed, even in Houston, which has long been a referral center for a huge portion of the state's emergency and trauma cases.

Wall Street Journal, June 2, 2006

If the Milberg Weiss indictments are anything to go by, federal prosecutors are finally getting serious about tort lawyer corruption. So let's hope they've also noticed a federal lawsuit in West Virginia that describes some of the most sordid asbestos fraud to date. The suit comes courtesy of CSX, one of the nation's largest rail companies and long a target of frivolous asbestos claims. CSX last year turned the legal tables on its nemesis -- Pittsburgh-based plaintiffs firm Peirce, Raimond & Coulter -- filing a lawsuit against it and an employee alleging fraud, misrepresentation and negligence. The tale is a modern tort classic.

The Press-Enterprise Thursday, June 1, 2006

In many ways, the tort reform movement has succeeded. More than half of states have damage limits; kangaroo courts no longer exist in Mississippi and Texas; and - thanks to the class-action reform Congress passed last year - some obscure county court can no longer bankrupt entire industries.

San Antonio Express-News, May 28, 2006

The long-stalled effort to reform Texas' system of selecting judges may gain new momentum before the start of the next legislative session.