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The Advocate, August 7, 2017

Louisiana’s junior U.S. Senator John Kennedy has only been in office a few months, but he already has a chance to make his mark. As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he will soon consider a bill that would help people — particularly veterans — struggling with asbestos-related illnesses, protect America’s businesses, and expose scam artists.

Wall Street Journal, August 9, 2017

We all know that there are discrepancies between the ideal of how institutions are supposed to work and their everyday reality. A recent paper explores one troubling problem of this sort in the judicial realm.

Southeast Texas Record, August 7, 2017

AUSTIN – The state of Texas was recognized as one of the most business-friendly in the country and tort reformers said capping how much a person can collect on a lawsuit is part of the reason.

Houston Chronicle, August 4, 2017

Big businesses and commercial building owners in Harris County have unleashed a growing number of lawsuits in recent years to knock millions of dollars off their property tax bills.

Governing, August 1, 2017

In the past few decades, the number of American jobs requiring a state license has exploded. Roughly one out of every four workers must seek a license to work. Now some institutions are starting to push back. Perhaps the most prominent -- or at least most fervent -- of these is the Texas Supreme Court. In 2015, the court struck down the state’s licensing requirement for eyebrow threaders (cosmetologists who remove unwanted facial hair using a thread), finding it unreasonable.

Southeast Texas Record, August 1, 2017

BEAUMONT – Fedex was recently hit with a $1 million lawsuit, brought by a man who allegedly tripped and fell over a package while exiting his home.

Forbes, August 2, 2017

Jelly Belly Candy Co. is again asking a federal judge to toss the lawsuit of a mother of six who now says she was tricked into buying its exercise jelly beans while trying to find a healthy snack for her family.

Candy Industry, August 2, 2017

That idea came to mind when I learned two U.S. District Court judges had last week denied motions by Just Born, Inc. and Ferrara Candy Co. to dismiss separate theater-box slack-fill lawsuits brought against the candy companies this year.

The Fresno Bee, July 19, 2017

For nearly four decades, Reza and Fatemeh Saniefar and their three children greeted customers and ensured they received a good meal at the family’s Zlfred’s restaurant in central Fresno.

Southeast Texas Record, July 25, 2017

AUSTIN – A Texas appellate court will soon consider whether to reverse a district judge’s ruling that her court did not have jurisdiction to unseal testimony given by renowned plaintiff’s attorney Russell Budd on the “Terrell memo.”