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Claims Journal, May 1, 2017

Last year, Texas sustained the most expensive hail and storm season on record with an estimated 500,000 hail claims filed and insured losses totaling more than $4 billion, according to the Insurance Council of Texas.

Texas Medical Association, May 1, 2017

Physicians, hospitals, and other health care providers throughout Texas would lose substantial protections against frivolous medical lawsuits if a bill working its way through the nation's capital becomes law, two Texas medical groups say.

TribTalk, May 2, 2017

Lawyer-driven hail litigation is the worst lawsuit abuse in Texas today. The Texas Legislature must stop this lawsuit abuse while protecting the right of every Texas consumer to sue their insurance company if it acts unfairly or in bad faith.

Houston Chronicle, April 26, 2017

Texas is taking a pounding, and it's time for the Legislature to take action.

Forbes, April 25, 2017

A lawsuit that once looked destined for a showdown between a prolific plaintiffs lawyer and a defendant accusing him and his plaintiff of manufacturing lawsuits has been settled.

Corpus Christi Caller Times, April 25, 2017

First, we get hit with high-intensity storms that pummeled parts of our state in previous weeks with large hail. Next, we get soaked by storm-chasing personal injury lawyers looking to line their pockets.

Southeast Texas Record, April 24, 2017

AUSTIN – Since the courts were apparently no help, those wishing to inflate Texas’ medical malpractice cap on non-economic damages are now turning to the state legislature.

Southeast Texas Record, April 21, 2017

HOUSTON – A Houston woman is suing a public adjusting firm for $200,000 in damages, claiming she was fired for questioning the company’s “propriety.”

Wall Street Journal, April 24, 2017

Plaintiffs lawyers have a business model built around litigation tourism, suing in state courts known for friendly verdicts and big jury awards. The Supreme Court hears a pair of cases Tuesday that could upend this violation of federalism and due process.

Huffington Post, April 22, 2017

America’s longest-running personal injury litigation, the one infamous for those TV mesothelioma ads, is having a “moment” right now, with state and federal authorities considering how best to regulate payment from billions of dollars held in special bankruptcy trusts.