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Tort reform group launches hailstorm lawsuit abuse website

Southeast Texas Record, January 24, 2017

By: David Yates 

AUSTIN – With the state lawmakers back in action, Texans for Lawsuit Reform has launched a new webpage dedicated to highlighting what the group calls the worst lawsuit abuse in Texas today – hailstorm litigation.

“Storm-chasing lawyers are getting rich off Texas families, talking them into filing unnecessary lawsuits after hailstorms and jeopardizing property insurance affordability and availability for every Texas homeowner,” said Lucy Nashed, TLR’s communications director.

“ puts a variety of resources about hailstorm lawsuit abuse at the fingertips of Texas homeowners and lawmakers, and helps explain why this lucrative cottage industry has spread across Texas.”

The website features statewide property lawsuit data, as well as data from the top ten most litigious counties in Texas, spanning the Rio Grande Valley to North Texas to the Gulf Coast.

The site also features “Hail 101,” a one-minute web video explaining the mass-litigation model that storm-chasing lawyers use to profit off Texas homeowners after hailstorms.

“The Hail Cartel is chasing storms across Texas, tangling up homeowners in unnecessary lawsuits by promising a big payout at no cost,” states a posting on the site. “With tens of thousands of homeowners solicited, this is the worst lawsuit abuse in Texas today.”

The site also compiles news articles from across the state, as well as original content created by TLR in its newsletter, The Advocate, highlighting how hail-related lawsuit abuse is apparently hurting Texas families and the measures that can be implemented to stop the alleged abuse.

Since 2006, there has been more than a 20-fold increase in property insurance lawsuits in Texas, according to the site.

TLR will update the page with new content as lawmakers work to address this issue during the 85th Legislative Session.

If they so wish, Texans can sign up on the webpage to support efforts to stop hail-related lawsuit abuse and receive the latest news about reforms in the legislature.