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About TLR

We are Republicans, Democrats, and Independents from all across Texas. We are small business owners, homemakers, and community volunteers. We are lawyers who want our profession back, and plant managers who want our companies to expand facilities to create jobs for Texans. We are consumers who want to eliminate the wasteful "tort tax" from the products and services produced in Texas. We are ranchers and teachers who have anguished over needless lawsuits. We are doctors and nurses who have seen our colleagues abandon their chosen professions because of the emotional and financial toll imposed by legal assaults. We are the citizens of Texas who want a better future for ourselves and our children. We're the faces of Texas...more than 16,300 individual supporters in 900 towns and cities, representing 1,255 different trades, businesses and professions.

What Texans for Lawsuit Reform Strives For, And Why

TLR's objective is to restore litigation to its traditional and appropriate role in our society. A lawsuit takes a heavy emotional and financial toll on participants, and therefore should be the remedy of last resort to resolve disputes between parties. A lawsuit should not be used to win lottery-type riches for a lawyer and his client.

TLR has been working for more than a decade to create a civil justice system that discourages non-meritorious lawsuits or outrageous claims for damages. We seek to encourage quick and efficient dispute resolution. We want injured parties to be made whole by the party causing the injury at the earliest possible time. We envision a litigation system purged of intimidation, allowing plaintiffs to be fairly compensated and defendants to get a fair day in court. TLR strives for a trial environment in which the outcome is based solely on the merits of each party's case.

To meet our goals, TLR is active in political campaigns (through the TLR Political Action Committee), in legislative advocacy, in public relations, in judicial selection, and in the development of case law.

TLR will continue to be fully engaged in legislative elections and in legislative advocacy to both preserve the tremendous gains that have been achieved and to enact additional much-needed reforms. The Texas Legislature enacted comprehensive tort reform in its 2003 session, building on reforms that had been passed in previous sessions, especially in 1995. The cumulative reforms of the past four legislative sessions will go a long way to building a fair, balanced and sensible civil justice system. Elements of the trial bar will tenaciously try to reverse these legislative gains. Opponents of tort reform will redouble their efforts to defeat pro-reform candidates at the polls.

Support of TLR is an investment in the future of our law, our economy and our society. We hope you will join us in pursuing our mission of providing a fair, balanced and predictable framework in which civil disputes can be resolved efficiently and justly.