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Lawyer-driven hail litigation is the
worst lawsuit abuse in Texas today

The Texas Legislature must stop this lawsuit abuse while protecting the right of every Texas consumer to sue their insurance company if it acts unfairly or in bad faith. Sign up here to show your support.

SB 10 and HB 1774 are supported by groups across Texas. Click here to view endorsements.

Personal injury trial lawyers are chasing hailstorms
all the way to the bank

Select Counties (Source: Courthouse News Service)

The Hail Cartel is chasing storms across Texas, tangling up homeowners in unnecessary lawsuits by promising a big payout at no cost. With tens of thousands of homeowners solicited, this is the worst lawsuit abuse in Texas today.

A Snapshot of Hail Lawsuits Across Texas

A Hailstorm of Baseless Claims

U.S. District Judge Micaela Alvarez blasts the mass-tort model storm-chasing lawyers use to get rich.


Click here to view Judge Alvarez's full order

TLR's 85th Legislative Session Update

TLR devotes significant resources including a team of four lawyers and TLR’s capable staff to follow thousands of bills as they move through every committee in both the House and Senate and on to the Governor’s desk for signature. Throughout the process, TLR works with lawmakers, staff and stakeholders to ensure the legislation is precisely written to implement good public policy without negative unintended consequences to our civil justice system.

Texas House Advances Critical Lawsuit Reform Bill

Why Senate Bill 10 is needed

After all, if a hail storm causes damage to a home, and a policyholder is dissatisfied with the settlement of his claim, the appropriate response should be to sue the insurance company, right? Why sue the company's employees or contractors?

Greater Houston Partnership and Rio Grande Valley Partnership Endorse SB 10 and HB 1774

Lawsuit abuse is costing consumers, and new ‘storm chasers’ are to blame

Texas homeowners pay some of the highest property insurance premiums in the country.

Contractors swarm damaged neighborhoods after severe weather

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas– Storm victims anxious to repair and clean-up damage quickly found more help than they imagined with many offers coming uninvited.

Attorneys: Roofing Company Part Of Scheme To Take Homeowners’ Money


CEDAR HILL (CBS11) – Mary Burke has tried calling, texting and emailing Jorge Garcia.

Now, she’s protesting outside his Cedar Hill home.

“I will be here every weekend until we get some results,” said Burke.

Burke hired Garcia’s company House of Tomorrow to repair her mother’s roof after a hail storm.

Insurers, plaintiff's lawyers square off in Austin over hail storm bill

AUSTIN - Lobbyists representing insurance companies are pushing legislation they say will prevent premium increases by weeding out "abusive" lawsuits over damages caused by hail and other storms in what is shaping up as a battle royal with consumers and plaintiffs' lawyers.

Prominent Texas Lawyer Battered Court With Baseless Hailstorm Claims, Federal Judge Says

In March, mega attorney Steve Mostyn found himself in a small Texas border town far from his Houston home, called there to appear before a federal judge and explain why he shouldn't be sanctioned for filing baseless hail lawsuits against insurance companies.

In Case You Missed It: State Bar of Texas Suspends Storm-Chasing Trial Lawyer for Illegal Case Running

AUSTIN – The Southeast Texas Record has reported that Texas plaintiff’s attorney Kent Livesay has been suspended for one year by the State Bar of Texas for illegal case running in hailstorm damage lawsuits. The Commission for Lawyer Discipline charged Livesay with violating the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct by demanding damages from an insurance company on behalf of a client he did not represent.

All Hail Breaks Loose

Hail storms are rarely deadly, but they can inflict substantial property damage, especially to roofs and other exposed surfaces. Increasingly, hail storms in Texas are accompanied by another form of disaster, too, albeit one that is man-made: mass litigation.

Barratry Class Action Causes Shakeup At Texas Law Firm

SAN ANTONIO - The Texas law firm Speights & Worrich, which specializes in insurance disputes, has announced its decision to “significantly downsize,” claiming a barratry class action has “wrongfully damaged” the firm’s “professional reputation.”

Hail Damage Crisis

Webb County may soon be at the center of a rising crisis in Texas due to a skyrocketing number of hail damage lawsuits being filed.

Hailstorm Lawsuit Abuse Articles

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Texas needs hailstorm lawsuit reform